Monday, October 18, 2010

Get Rid of Those Bums!

This is what my father, Zozzy, would have yelled,  after the Bears were thoroughly out-coached, out-played, out-rushed, and outted as the NFL worst, on 3rd down conversions, yesterday.  Unfortunately, my Dad left us way too young, but enough memories remain.

From his way of  working and living:  if you're hired for a job, and don't perform, then it's up to the boss to get rid of those bums. Period.

Angelo. Lovie. Martz. Tice. Marinelli.  They were taken down by Pete Carroll, who fled 1200 miles north from USC, faster than Reggie Bush could return his Heisman, to the city which could not even keep its NBA franchise.

Are there any ex-FBI agents knocking on Pete's door, as the NFL is doing with Favre and the Jets?  No?  So college football coaches can rack up recruiting and NCAA violations, not be held accountable, and allowed to head up an NFL team?  Nice work, Mr. Goodell.  Not your problem, huh.

Well, we got problems right here in Chicago.  No, I'm not talking about Randy Michaels, CEO, or Lee Abrams, of the Chicago Tribune.  I'm' not talking about where Joey Cora might interview next, or how long Ryan Sandberg will be satisfied with a minor league team, or how the Bulls could be so embarrassed the other night. 

I'm talking about the tradition of the Chicago Bears being ground up in a meat slicer, instead of pounding the rock on the ground.  I'm talking about Gale Sayers and Walter Payton.  I'm talking about Brad Muster getting you 2 yards every time you were 3rd and 1.  I'm talking about sitting Thomas Jones in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl while the rain was coming down in Miami, after he had rushed in 2005, for over 1400 yards,  to take us to the Super Bowl.  Am I missing something here?

Chester Taylor:  did Angelo sign him just to decrease the number of play action passes for Favre? Or did Angelo sign him to rush for 4 plays in an entire game? I'm sure Chester loves warming the bench and watching the birds go by over Lake Michigan - along with the Seahawks blitzing around the O-line and sacking Jay to his multiple concussion season.  Is this what the NFL owners have in mind for an 18 game season? Certainly, as long its not their own minds, just those of their players. 

Lovie says  "it's just not as simple" when asked about the running game.  Oh yeah?  How can a head football coach justify running the ball only 12 times in an NFL game, in college, or even in  Pee Wee League?    Martz was impressive when making mid-game adjustments v. the Cowboys.  So, what happened yesterday, especially when we had to take 2 time outs after first down plays? No adjustments, but rather "coaching arrogance," as described so well today by David Haugh. 

It all starts at the top - and the top of this organization does not look like it's ready for Donovan McNabb and his head coach. This South Side Sports Chick was hoping for a reunion of Shanahan with Cutler in June,  2010, but instead the reunion will take place next Sunday, October 24, on opposite sides of Soldier Field. It's possible that with any more sacks, Cutler may be walking off to the wrong side of the field, but in his mind, walking towards the coach who took care of him. 

No time to sit on our 4-2 Division lead.  "We'll get it fixed though,"  responds Lovie. Okay, then.  To all the Bears' coaches, Angelo, and yes, even the McCaskeys:  Show me Hester making the NFL  record for returns this week.  Show me some 2 step - slants.  Show me some play action.  Show me some holes for Chester and Matt.  Show me some rushing TD's.  Show me some third down conversions.  Show me a win.  Then maybe, I won't hear Zozzy  growling from his grave at Westlawn, to throw the bums out.

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  1. You are so right, South Side Sports Chick! Worst coaching EVER!!!!